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I did not find any books or scientific journals when I visited the Kundiawa Provincial Hospital in Papua New Guinea in 2017. Therefore, I decided to create an Electronic Medical Library.


In Papua New Guinea electrical power shutdown does happen. The internet is not always available. To google search is slow. It costs about 150 times more than in Switzerland. No flat rate is available.

Electronic Medical Library

Rather than donating books I created and installed my Electronic Medical Library on 20 stationary notebooks. I configured an additional notebook as server. The EML in Kundiawa was last updated in March, 2020. By now, the content of the Electronic Medical Library has more than doubled. It is to the best of my knowledge the largest portable offline collection of medical information. Over 5’300 books, teaching videos, ultrasound videos, current best practice guidelines, presentations, and personal Standard Operating Procedures are on a 2.5” external USB 3.0 drive.


I use the open source DocFetcher as search engine. The index consists of over 90’000 fully optical character recognized PDF files. For Techies: Currently, it takes a bit over 9 hours to index the Electronic Medical Library from scratch with an AMD PC 12-Core AMD Ryzen 9 3900 with 64GB of RAM, allocating 16 GB of RAM to DocFetcher. However, once indexed, DocFetcher runs fine to search the EML with just 512MB.

Google internet search versus offline search in my private EML

Search term: “neuroinvasive potential of SARS‐CoV2”:

Google internet search: About 12’700 results < 1 sec


DocFetcher offline search in my private Electronic Medical Library: 5 results  in < 1 sec (if the EML is on the internal SSD, and < 2 sec, if the EML is on an external 4TB 2.5″ USB 3.0 drive).

The 5 search results in my private Electronic Medical Library are:

  • 20200229 Infectious Diseases The neuroinvasive potential of SARS-CoV2 may be at least partially responsible for the respiratory failure of COVID-19 patients.pdf
  • 20200418 Infectious Diseases How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting You from Medscape General Surgery.pdf
  • 20210529 Infectious Diseases Association Between Bitter Taste Receptor Phenotype and Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With COVID-19.pdf
  • 20210724 Surgery How Does SARS-CoV-2 Infection Affect Survival of Emergency Cardiovascular Patients.pdf
  • 20210130 Anesthesia Multi-Organ Involvement in COVID-19 – Beyond Pulmonary Manifestations.pdf

Summaries and publications

So far, I added besides books, videos, and other content over 39’000 summaries of publications. Each week I add between 200 and 400 new summaries. You can download the newest ones for free from this site, check the Public Electronic Medical Library page.

If you look for medical information, a textbook, or a teaching video: Please send me an E-mail:

I will mail you the PDF file(s) / *.mp4 – files.

How to get your personal copy of my private Electronic Medical Library

The EML can be used with a Windows PC, Laptop, or Notebook. You may obtain the current EML with the DocFetcher index as an AES encrypted file with the necessary additional software on a 4TB external 2.5″ USB 3.0 drive. You will have to install AnyDesk on your computer and I will restore the AES encrypted file for you with remote maintenance; details see ‘30000003a Video Part 1 of 3 How to use the Electronic Medical Library with your computer.mp4’, ‘30000003b Video Part 2 of 3 How to use the Electronic Medical Library with your computer.mp4’, and ‘30000003c Video Part 3 of 3 How to use the Electronic Medical Library with your computer.mp4’ on my download page. The costs are 76 CHF for your used 4TB disk (of these 76 CHF you may have to pay custom fees and taxes upon arrival of the shipment in your country), 24 CHF for the remote maintenance, and 24 CHF for shipping (to most of the countries possible with Swiss Post, please ask me for the exact quote). You may transfer the 124 CHF with Paypal, ask me for my Paypal account.

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