Public Electronic Medical Library (you may download the most recent files). My private Electronic Medical Library is available on a 2.5″ external 4TB USB 3.0 drive.

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Maintenance of my internet public Electronic Medical Library EML

I add each Saturday about 200 – 400 new PDF files of summaries and / or publications to my Electronic Medical Library and I upload them to my internet site. Files which are older than 3 months are deleted on my download page. Since June 2018 there are as of December 2022 over 60’000 such files added.

The file names start with the date of the corresponding Saturday. You can see immediately the date of an added file, e.g, 20220101, equivalent to the 1st of January, 2022. You can choose the newest files to be on top. I did add some pertinent files about how to use my Electronic Medical Library with an imaginary ‘date’ of 3000000*; some of them are not PDF files, but videos; if so, the naming is 30000000* video.  

Content of my private Electronic Medical Library EML on a 2.5″ external 4TB USB 3.0 disk

My private EML contains in addition to the files on my internet site and over 100’000 additional files (> 5700 textbooks, 11 videos about blood smear exams in hematology, 56 teaching videos from the Stanford Medical School, over 130 teaching videos for ultrasound exams in the different specialties, most of them Point of Care ultrasound exams, over 400 Medical School teaching videos (over 150 hours). There are over 38’500 PDF files (some of the files are in several specialties listed) with up to date content. I did add the Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Advanced Pediatric Life Support courses with videos and PDF files as well as my 2021 exam questions and answers.

Personal content added

You find several PowerPoint presentations and Standard Operating Procedures from my missions in Iraq, my Ballistol book and my work re: surgical masks and half face respirators (published on ResearchGate). Every PDF file is indexed, you can do full text searches using DocFetcher with its index already done for you. The search engine DocFetcher uses at the most 512MB of your RAM for searching.

Google internet search versus offline search in my private EML

Search term: “neuroinvasive potential of SARSCoV2″:

Google internet search: About 12’700 results < 1 sec


DocFetcher offline search in my private Electronic Medical Library: 5 results in < 1 sec (if the EML is on the internal SSD, and < 2 sec, if the EML is on an external 4TB 2.5″ USB 3.0 drive).

The 5 search results in my private Electronic Medical Library are:

  • 20200229 Infectious Diseases The neuroinvasive potential of SARS-CoV2 may be at least partially responsible for the respiratory failure of COVID-19 patients.pdf
  • 20200418 Infectious Diseases How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting You from Medscape General Surgery.pdf
  • 20210529 Infectious Diseases Association Between Bitter Taste Receptor Phenotype and Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With COVID-19.pdf
  • 20210724 Surgery How Does SARS-CoV-2 Infection Affect Survival of Emergency Cardiovascular Patients.pdf
  • 20210130 Anesthesia Multi-Organ Involvement in COVID-19 – Beyond Pulmonary Manifestations.pdf

Attention: Thanks to DocFetcher you do always a full text search in the EML. The feature below on this page allows you to search only in the titles of the documents on my download page and the search syntax is very limited compared with the advanced possibilities using DocFetcher in my Electronic Medical Library.

Searching for specific content?

You may drop me an Email to and I will do the searching in my private Electronic Medical Library for you; I mail you the results. That way you can get an idea what you could do with the EML on an external drive.

The EML can be used with a Windows PC, Laptop, or Notebook. You may obtain the current EML with the DocFetcher index as an AES encrypted file with the necessary additional software on a 4TB external 2.5″ USB 3.0 drive. You will have to install AnyDesk on your computer and I will restore the AES encrypted file for you with remote maintenance; details see ‘How to get your personal copy of my private Electronic Medical Library’ page.

How to get your personal copy of my private Electronic Medical Library

Windows to go (OS2Go) on a 2TB SSD in an external USB 3.0 enclosure (all partitions are 256b AES encrypted for your safety): Details: See

30000000 March 2022 Offer 2TB external SSD to be used internally with OS2Go and EML.pdf

in my download section.

A recommended: Put my 2TB EML SSD inside of your notebook*, and your old internal drive into the external enclosure: You now have your customized Windows 10 installation with many software programs in your notebook; use the in your OS2Go Windows 10 integrated DocFetcher with its index of over 100’000 files to search in your private EML in the C:\ OS2Go W10. Use your old internal drive as external drive as external drive for backups.

B for savvy techies: Boot virtually any PC or Mac with at least 4GB of RAM and a free USB 3.0 port with your 2TB EML SSD using OS2Go, enjoy your customized Windows 10 installation with many software programs, use the in your OS2Go Windows 10 integrated DocFetcher with its index of over 100’000 files to search in your private EML in the C:\ OS2Go W10.