Public Electronic Medical Library (most recent files can be downloaded) – My private Electronic Medical Library is available on a 2.5″ external 4TB USB 3.0 drive

Peter Schmid, MD, PhD, FACS - PC Support

Maintenance of my internet public Electronic Medical Library EML

I add each Saturday about 200 – 300 new PDF files of summaries and / or publications to my Electronic Medical Library and I upload them to my internet site. Files which are older than 3 months are deleted on my download page.

The file names start with the date of the corresponding Saturday. You can see immediately the date of an added file, e.g, 20210911, equivalent to the 11th of September, 2021. You can choose the newest files to be on top. I did add some pertinent files about how to use my Electronic Medical Library with an imaginary ‘date’ of 3000000*; some of them are not PDF files, but videos; if so, the naming is 3000000* video …..  

Content of my private Electronic Medical Library EML on a 2.5″ external 4TB USB 3.0 disk

My private EML contains in addition to the public EML files on my internet site and over 85’000 additional files (> 5200 textbooks, 11 videos about blood smear exams in hematology, 56 teaching videos from the Stanford Medical School, over 130 teaching videos for ultrasound exams in the different specialties, most of them Point of Care ultrasound exams, over 400 Medical School teaching videos (over 150 hours). There are over 37’500 PDF files (some of the files are in several specialties listed) with up to date content. I did add the Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Advanced Pediatric Life Support courses with videos and PDF files as well as my 2021 exam questions and answers.

Personal content added

You find several PowerPoint presentations and Standard Operating Procedures from my missions in Iraq and my Ballistol book. You can follow the current status of my work re: surgical masks and half face respirators (published on ResearchGate); my work re: UVC sterilization with a prototype UVC ‘reactor’ with 222nm and 254nm UVC light sources using reflecting PTFE coating, and personal view updates to the Covid-19 situation. Every PDF file is indexed, you can do full text searches using DocFetcher with its index already done for you. The search engine DocFetcher uses at the most 512MB of your RAM.

Searching for specific content?

You may drop mean Email and I will do the searching in my private Electronic Medical Library for you; I mail you the results. That way you can get an idea what you could do with the EML on an external drive.